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Talking about the advantages and disadvantages of bag filter

Bag-type dust collector now plays an important role in various fields, and it is also applied in different fields. It has made good development and progress according to the actual performance and trend of use, which can ensure that the bag-type dust collector can work normally under various complex conditions, thus making its application field expand continuously.
The advantages of bag-type dust remover are high dust removal efficiency, which can generally reach 95%. Stable performance. The change of working conditions such as the processing air volume, the dust content of the air separator and the temperature has little influence on the dust removal effect of the bag filter. It is a dry purification equipment without water, so there is no problem of sewage treatment or mud treatment, and the collected dust is easy to recycle. The structure is relatively simple, the operation is relatively stable, the initial investment is less, and the maintenance is convenient.
The disadvantage of bag-type dust collector is that it can bear limited temperature capacity. In addition, it needs to take measures to reduce the temperature of flue gas when purifying the flue gas with high temperature. Some of the flue gases contain more moisture, or the dust carried by them has strong hygroscopicity, which often leads to the binding of filter bags and blocking of filter materials. Some types of bag-type dust remover workers have poor working conditions. When inspecting and replacing filter bags, they need to enter the box.

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