Chairman Introduction


Chairman's profile and honor

       Bian Yu, male, born in 1983, from Zhuji, Zhejiang Province, master's degree, member of the Communist Party of China. Currently, he is the chairman and executive director of Zhejiang TENGY Environmental Technology Co., Ltd, standing committee of Zhuji Youth Federation, president of Zhuji New Generation Entrepreneur Association, vice chairman and vice president of Zhuji Federation of Industry and Commerce (General Chamber of Commerce), vice president of Zhejiang Environmental Protection Industry Association, vice president of Zhejiang Environmental Protection Equipment Association, standing director of China Environmental Protection Industry Association and vice chairman of ESP Special Committee.


        He has been awarded the honorary titles of Zhuji City Economic Development Minister, Top 10 Outstanding Youth of Shaoxing City, Top 10 Outstanding Philanthropic Figures of Shaoxing City, Outstanding Communist Party Members of Shaoxing City, Excellent Entrepreneurs of Shaoxing City and Excellent Entrepreneurs of Environmental Protection in China.


        Since graduation, Bian Yu has devoted himself to environmental protection and founded Zhejiang TENGY Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., leading the enterprise to achieve breakthroughs one after another. The company stands out from many environmental protection enterprises and has become a first-class comprehensive air pollution prevention and control program supplier and environmental protection product manufacturer in China.


        All the time, Bian Yu never forgets his responsibility to the enterprise, the staff and the society, carries forward the craftsman spirit of "constantly striving for self-improvement and continuous improvement", responds to various challenges with solid steps and calm mind, and leads all the staff to innovate and overcome difficulties. Focusing on technological innovation, marketing innovation and management innovation, the enterprise has realized the transformation of products from domestic to international, from single product to system engineering, from general contracting to service.


        It takes courage to face reality, and it takes courage to change reality. Facing the complex and changeful market environment, Bian Yu took advantage of the company’s own advantages and integrated resources to make a new layout for the headquarters of Hangzhou and East of Zhuji. He introduced high-end talents, established new R&D, investment and financing and market development platforms meanwihle strengthened the core competitiveness of enterprises, accelerated innovation and upgrade, and promoted the company to the "high-precision" field.

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