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TENGY Environment Launched Charity Activities for Employees in Difficulties

On December 18th, the TENGY Party Committee, Trade Union, Youth League Committee, and Women’s Federation jointly issued an initiative to launch a donation activity for Meng Haiming, who is suffering from severe liver disease. It was actively responded by the majority of employees. Everyone took action to show love and warmth. Help Meng Haiming overcome the illness and tide over the difficulties as soon as possible.
45-year-old Meng Haiming is an employee of Zhejiang TENGY Magnetic Materials Co., Ltd. under TENGY Group. At the end of November, Meng Haiming felt very unwell. Accompanied by his wife, he went to Zhuji People’s Hospital and Hangzhou Xixi Hospital. After examination and diagnosis, Meng Haiming had early liver cirrhosis. Due to the deterioration of his condition, he was in a deep coma, and was transferred to the intensive care center of the first Zhejiang hospital for urgent liver transplantation. Faced with Meng Haiming lying on the hospital bed and the huge medical expenses, this not rich family is in trouble.
There is true love in the world. The misfortune of Meng Haiming affects the hearts of the employees of the group. In order to help Meng Haiming solve the difficulties, the group party committee, trade union, youth league committee and the Women’s Federation jointly issued an initiative, calling on all party members, Communist Youth League members and employees to act quickly and carry out activities to donate to Meng Haiming. As soon as the donation proposal was issued, it received a positive response from everyone. At the donation site, love was surging, and the atmosphere was touching. Everyone extended a helping hand and generously donated. 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, one after another put the donation money condensed with their love and blessings into the donation box. Tianci Co., Ltd. Bian Huiliang, Wu Dingliang, Zhou Min, Shou Erjun; TENGY Environment Zhao Xuejian, Zhang Rixing; Group companies He Jinjia, Wang Wuming, Wu Fengdi, Electronic Technology Shou Yongwei and other leading donations, Tianci, Electronic Technology and Group President The staff of subsidiaries, departments and departments actively donated money. Due to work relations, most of the sales and installation personnel of Tianjie Environment are outside. After learning about the situation, they also called colleagues to make donations on their behalf. Pieces of love converged into a warm current, creating great love in the world. The more the merrier. So far, a total of 38,393.00 yuan has been raised.
According to Meng Haiming’s wife, with the care and support of medical staff, relatives and friends, company officials and employees, and all sectors of society, Meng Haiming successfully completed the liver transplant on the morning of December 21, and his consciousness has basically recovered. Due to a long-term coma and surgery, Meng Haiming is weak and still needs to be observed and treated in the hospital.
"As long as everyone gives a little love, the world will become a beautiful world." This donation activity interprets the fraternity, responsibility and responsibility of TENGY people, and also makes Meng Haiming and his family feel the warmth of TENGY 's big family. We firmly believe that although illness can take away a person's health, it cannot take away the true feelings of the world. I would like to express my gratitude to all those who participated in the donation! Let us also wish Meng Haiming an early victory over the disease and regain his confidence in life.
Meng Haiming, we are with you!

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