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The Sixth Meeting of the First Session of the Shaoxing Science and Technology Innovation Promotion Association was Held in Zhuji

On December 5, the sixth council meeting of the first session of Shaoxing Science and Technology Innovation Promotion Association was held in Zhuji Xiangsheng Century Hotel. More than 70 people from all districts, cities, and counties of the city’s Association for Science and Technology, the chairman, executive vice-chairmen, executive directors, directors and business representatives of the city gathered in Xishi’s hometown to discuss innovation and development, and contribute to Shaoxing’s technological innovation and development. High-quality economic and social development, cheer and help.

The meeting was presided over by He Weigang, the general counsel of Shaoxing Science and Technology Innovation Promotion Association. The chairman of the Promotion Association, Shen Lixiong, summarized the work in 2020 and put forward the work ideas for 2021. The meeting pointed out that under the correct leadership of the Shaoxing Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, and the care and support of the Municipal Association for Science and Technology, the 2020 Promotion Association will actively play a role as a bridge and link. In accordance with the Association’s charter, we are committed to advocating honest services, promoting communication, exchanges and cooperation between enterprises, reflecting the aspirations of members, safeguarding the rights and interests of members, developing innovative ideas, and implementing various tasks in accordance with the work goals set at the beginning of the year, with obvious results .

The meeting emphasized that in 2021, the promotion committee will further improve the service level recognized by national high-tech enterprises and provincial-level high-tech enterprises, increase the publicity of policies for high-tech enterprises and provincial-level high-tech enterprises, and enhance member companies’ innovative awareness and new innovation. The ability to apply policies, optimize the identification service process, simplify the application materials, and improve the level and efficiency of accurately serving member companies; it is necessary to enhance the communication and development between member companies, continue to innovate, and actively provide talent recruitment services for member units; strengthen cooperation with banks , investment companies, securities companies, create financing platforms, open up financing channels, and strive to create conditions for member companies to "borrow chickens to lay eggs" and "borrow boats to go to sea"; improve service awareness and service capabilities, expand service areas, and improve service levels. Strive to provide member companies with more resource sharing platforms, scientific and technological innovation development platforms, popular science education and publicity platforms, communication platforms between the government and enterprises, and corporate rights protection platforms, and effectively play the role of bridges and bonds, actively understand corporate dynamics and needs, and strengthen inter-enterprise relationships exchange and seek common development.

Bian Yu, chairman of Zhejiang TENGY Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., introduced the enterprise's scientific and technological innovation work at the meeting, and on behalf of the organizer of the meeting, expressed warm congratulations on the convening of the meeting, and extended warm welcome to all leaders, experts and enterprise colleagues attending the meeting! He said: sailing against the current, if you don't make advance, you will retreat. Independent innovation has become the main theme of the development of the times. Whoever owns new technology and new products will have the right to speak in the market and stand at the commanding height of the market. Scientific and technological innovation is the eternal theme of enterprises. In the face of complex and changeable market environment, only by following the trend and continuous innovation, we should adapt to the changing market environment, meet higher and higher customer demand, and make enterprises go better and further. Bian Yu pointed out: the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China clearly adheres to the core position of innovation in the overall situation of China's modernization construction, and takes self-reliance in science and technology as the strategic support for national development. Once again, it emphasizes the importance and urgency of scientific and technological innovation, and fully affirms the important role of enterprises and entrepreneurs in scientific and technological innovation. At this moment, we gather in the beautiful hometown of Xi Shi to discuss innovation and development together. There is a more special significance, which will bring a positive impact on Shaoxing's scientific and technological innovation. As the executive director unit of the association, we will try our best to do our job well. At the same time, we sincerely hope that you will support us. Let's work together to contribute to Shaoxing's scientific and technological innovation and high-quality economic and so.

Responsible persons of Shaoxing, Zhuji and Yuecheng science and technology associations and representatives of relevant member enterprises made exchange speeches at the meeting; The meeting also awarded two new vice president units.

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