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TENGY Environment Launches Employee Health Inspection in 2020

On October 13, TENGY Environment organized an annual employee health inspection activity. More than 130 welders and painters from various branches participated in the physical examination.

This medical examination is undertaken by the Hangzhou Youbin Medical Comprehensive Outpatient Department with professional qualifications. In order to do a good job in the physical examination, the Safety Department and Youbin Medical Outpatient Department have communicated many times. According to the national technical specifications and requirements for the prevention and treatment of occupational diseases, the inspection items are determined according to the difference of positions, mainly including blood pressure, blood routine, urine routine, lung function, electrocardiogram, electrical audiometry, nervous system and biochemical tests.

To carry out occupational disease physical examination can effectively grasp the health status of employees in their own work, and achieve "early prevention, early detection, early diagnosis and early treatment". Over the years, TENGY has always attached great importance to the health of employees, taking the physical examination activities as an important measure to care for employees, so that employees can master their own health status and constantly improve their awareness and ability of occupational disease prevention, so as to ensure that they can participate in the future work with a better health.

In order to perform safety management duties in accordance with the law, establish a sound long-term mechanism, and effectively protect the physical and mental health of employees, the relevant departments of the group will eventually truthfully inform the employees of the conclusions of the inspection report, and rectify the problems found in the first time to truly achieve " Early detection and early treatment”, and incorporate the results of the physical examination into the company’s personal occupational health management information files to provide effective protection for the health of employees.

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