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Yuan Zhigang's Team Came to TENGY to Investigate Talent Demand

In order to further understand the talent needs of enterprises, explore a new way of school enterprise cooperation, and realize accurate education, mutual benefit and win-win. On September 23, Yuan Zhigang, vice president of Jiyang College of Zhejiang Agriculture and Forestry University, led a team to TENGY for investigation. Accompanied by Bian Jianguang, chairman of the board of the group.

Yuan Zhigang and his entourage had a discussion with Chairman Bian Jiangguang and other company leaders in the conference room on the third floor, listening to the introduction of the company's development and understanding the demand for talents. Yuan Zhigang introduced the basic situation of Jiyang College of Zhejiang Agriculture and Forestry University. Yuan Zhigang said that the market environment is complex and changeable, and the competition for professional talents is fierce. School-enterprise cooperation can integrate the resources of schools and enterprises, cultivate professional talents for enterprises in a targeted manner, and cooperate closely in personnel training, scientific research and innovation to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results. The environmental protection industry is a pillar industry of the brand, and large companies such as TENGY are playing an important role to promote the accelerated development of local environmental protection enterprises. The party committee and government of Paitou Town took advantage of the trend to promote the construction of "environmental protection towns" and school-enterprise cooperation, so as to provide strong support for environmental protection enterprises to train professionals.

Bian Jianguang said that with the rapid development of enterprises, at present, the scale, structure and quality of skilled talents cannot meet the needs of high-quality development of enterprises. Perfect concepts and advanced designs can only be realized through the skillful hands of skilled talents. Otherwise, they can only stay on the drawings and build a high-quality skill team, which has become a top priority for enterprises. School-enterprise cooperation can further improve the intensity of education and training of talents, and better solve the problem of enterprise talent demand. I hope that the school will pay more attention to the practicality and effectiveness of talent training.

At the symposium, both parties agreed that the development of an enterprise cannot be separated from the support of the school, and that the growth of an enterprise will also feed back the development of the school. It is necessary to continuously deepen the docking and cooperation between schools and enterprises, explore new multi-level cooperation models, and make contributions in many aspects such as talents and scientific research, so that school-enterprise cooperation can take root, blossom, and bear fruit.

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