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Xu Tingfu Visited TENGY

On September 21, Xu Tingfu, deputy director of the Standing Committee of Shaoxing Municipal People's Congress, led a team to visit TENGY for investigation. Understand the needs and thoughts of enterprises, and solve problems for enterprises. Shaoxing Municipal People's Congress Working Committee of Agricultural Economy and Municipal Development and Reform, Economic and Information Department and other departments attended.

In the meeting room on the third floor of the group, Xu Tingfu had an exchange and discussion with the chairman of the board of directors Bian Jiangguang and chairman Bian Yu, and listened to the introduction of the company’s production and operation, product development, investment and financing, new projects and future development ideas. Problems encountered in the new project and suggestions. Xu Tingfu listened and memorized, answered seriously, and coordinated with relevant departments on the spot, requesting a good connection service and a solution as soon as possible.

During the visit, Xu Tingfu pointed out that in the face of the normalization of the epidemic situation and the complex and changeable market environment, enterprises should seriously plan for long-term development, persist in making progress while maintaining stability, stick to the main business, accelerate innovation, and further expand market share; We should not slacken our efforts in independent innovation, constantly develop and launch new products, and adapt to the ever-changing market environment, so that the enterprise can always maintain a virtuous circle and steady development; In order to make greater contribution to Shaoxing's economic and social development, we should comprehensively improve the management level, control the cost, reduce the risk, improve the economic benefits, and constantly become stronger.

He Hongcheng, the deputy head of the Standing Committee of the Zhuji Municipal People's Congress, together with relevant municipal departments and the main responsible persons of Paitou Town, participated in the investigation.

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