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The second council meeting of Zhuji New Generation Entrepreneurs Association was successfully held!

On the first working day of 2021, the first council meeting of the second session of the Zhuji New Generation Entrepreneurs Association was grandly held.

Xu Liangping, Member of the Standing Committee of the Shaoxing Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of the Zhuji Municipal Party Committee, Meng Guofeng, Member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Minister of United Front Work, Qian Jianrong, Deputy Director of the Municipal People’s Congress, Deputy Mayor Zhu Hongwei, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC Yuan Yuejun, Vice Minister of the United Front Work Department and Secretary of the Party Group of the Federation of Industry and Commerce Yao Jianghai, Industry and Commerce Co-chairman Zhao Linzhong and nearly a hundred directors attended the meeting.

Xu Liangping congratulated the exchange of the association, and pointed out that the "14th Five-Year Plan" period is a period of accelerated evolution of major changes unseen in a century. The direction of development is changing, methods are changing, markets are changing, channels are changing, and requirements are changing. Is changing. The new generation of entrepreneurs should thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session of the Nineteenth Central Committee of the Party, deeply grasp the background requirements of the new development stage, new development pattern, and new development concept, and closely follow the high-quality development, high-quality life, and high-efficiency governance. Goals and tasks, accelerate the transformation of ideas, change strategies, truly change, dare to change, and change well, and strive to seize new opportunities and create new atmosphere in new changes.

Xu Liangping emphasized that we must strive to be a learning entrepreneur, actively learn new knowledge, new ideas, and new technologies, and further supplement the ideological "calcium" and nurture the spiritual "qi". We must strive to be innovative entrepreneurs, always put innovation at the core of enterprise development, further strengthen the introduction of talents, do a good job in scientific research and development, and continuously activate the competitiveness of enterprises. We must strive to be hard-working entrepreneurs, adhere to the industry, be original, solid words first, and dry words oriented, and strive to promote enterprises to become bigger, better, and stronger. We must strive to be a responsible entrepreneur, always combine the development of Zhuji with the development of the enterprise, abide by the law, respect the law, fulfill promises and trustworthiness, treat employees well, contribute to society, and make greater contributions to the socialist modernization of Zhuji with practical actions.

Meng Guofeng fully affirmed the work of the new enterprise alliance in the past four years, and put forward ardent hopes for the work of the new enterprise alliance in the future period, especially the sorority team.

The new president Bian Yu said that the Friendship Association will take the role of building and playing a good bridge as its own responsibility, gather strength and integrate resources, help the new generation of entrepreneurs to grow up healthily, and make new and greater contributions to the high-quality development of Zhuji's economy and society. The focus will be on cohesiveness, new breakthroughs in self-construction; adherence to exchanges and integration, and new deeds in serving directors; taking up social responsibilities, taking new responsibilities in service development, and starting work.

The meeting listened to the work report and financial work report of the first council of Zhuji New Generation Entrepreneurs Association, and reviewed and approved Zhuji New Generation Entrepreneurs Association to amend the articles of association. The meeting elected Zhuji City's New Generation Entrepreneurs Association's second council president, vice president, secretary general and executive director. Bian Yu was elected as the new council president, Wang Dongshuai, Mao Yifei, Feng Luming, Zhang Wenlong, Chen Hongni , Jin Lei, Zhao Hai, Zhao Jibing, Huang Ying, Huang Kaijiong, Jiang Khan, Fu Mengqi were elected as vice presidents (in order of strokes of surnames), and Wang Dongshuai concurrently served as secretary-general. The meeting deliberated and passed the resolutions on hiring honorary chairman, hiring entrepreneurial mentor, and appointing deputy secretary-general. It was decided to hire Chen Feng as the honorary chairman of the second council of Zhuji New Generation Entrepreneurs Association, and hire Shi Lei, Chen Lixiang, Zhao Linzhong, Shu Yinggang , Wei Jiang is the entrepreneurial mentor of the second council (in the order of strokes of the surname).

In recent years, Zhuji City’s New Generation Entrepreneurs Association has been adhering to the tenet of “inheriting, innovating and achieving a win-win future”, actively guiding and uniting the new generation of entrepreneurs in the city, and striving to become a new generation with faith, dreams, skills and accomplishments. Entrepreneur team!

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